Staff news and castration promotion

The past few weeks have seen two new members of staff starting at the Fairmoor Equine Clinic!

  • A familiar face: Joy Carr our newest receptionist has worked in several branches of Alnorthumbria over the years but has most recently come to work at the Fairmoor Equine Clinic and is settling in well!
  • Mariana Landi has recently started working at Fairmoor as an Animal Care Assistant. She is originally from Brazil so is currently getting used to our somewhat colder climate, and is preparing for her first Northumbrian winter! Mariana is also a qualified FEI Eventing Steward and has recently been working at a top event yard in the south of England.
  • Ellie Forster has recently started as a member of our yard staff. In addition to her other responsibilities, she will be providing our clipping service this year (see advert on 2nd page), Ellie has already shown us she is a whizz with a set of clippers!
  • Evie Thompson has also recently started as an Animal Care Assistant. Evie has just completed a foundation degree in Equine Performance and a BSc in Equine Management at Hartpury University (2016-2019). Evie is hoping to train as a veterinary nurse with us in the near future.

Castration promotion

Our popular castration promotion is running again this autumn. Remember that it is a good time of year to castrate colts while the flies have died down and before the ground is (hopefully) not too muddy! This includes castration, pre-op doses of antibiotics and pain relief (any complications or further drugs needed, included for tetanus cover, are not included).

Please contact us for more information.


This information was taken from our October 2019 equine newsletter. It also includes a series of October reminders, information about Brexit and other important news. 

Download our October 2019 equine newsletter.


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