At each of our farm animal surgeries we have laboratories where we can carry out tests on farm animal materials for diagnosis and monitoring.

Microscopy is used for looking at slides made from blood, semen, faeces, urine etc to perform bacteriology, semen examination and parasitology. Egg counting is a valuable tool to assess whether worming, flukicide or anticoccidial treatment is required, and to test treatment efficacy.

Our biochemistry and haematology analyser machines are used to test for calcium, magnesium and phosphorus levels in blood, along with serum enzymes to test organ function – liver, kidney, pancreas, muscles and guts. Anaemia or blood disorders can also be assessed.

Various kits are available for in-house testing of calf scour samples, enabling us to rapidly diagnose E.coli, rotavirus, coronavirus and cryptosporidia.

Post mortem examinations are carried out either on the farm or, for smaller animals, at the surgery, to determine disease status or cause of death, often involving sending samples away to external laboratories for further analysis.

Other tests involving virology, bacterial culture and sensitivity, trace element testing, and sheep and cattle health scheme testing are sent to the laboratory at SRUC, St. Boswells or to our own lab, Axiom.

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