We have a purpose built equine operating facility, with a fully padded induction and recovery room, a mechanical hoist for moving the horse into the operating theatre, and a hydraulic surgery table, allowing anaesthesia and surgery to be performed in a safe environment. A minimum of two veterinary surgeons and two nurses are present at any equine surgery, and vital parameters are monitored through the operation, with the help of pulse oximetry, ECG, capnography and arterial blood pressure monitors.

We are privileged to work with the specialist consultant surgeons Patrick Pollock BVMS CertES(Soft Tissue) DipECVS PhD FRCVS and Graham MunroBVSc CertEO DESM PhD DipECVS FRCVS, and can offer a wide range of surgical procedures including:

  • Arthoscopy.
  • Fracture repair and orthopaedic procedures.
  • Joint and tendon sheath flushing.
  • Rig surgery (cryptorchid) and closed castrations.
  • Hernia repair.
  • Wound repair.
  • Laparoscopy.
  • Wind surgery (tie back, tie forward, hobdays).
  • Laser surgery for removal of sarcoids and melanomas.

All horses which have general anaesthesia have assisted recoveries using ropes and pulley system, improving the safety of the recovery process.

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