At Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group, we recognise that keeping your horse sound and performing at its best is a team effort. As such, we strive to work with other professional bodies to provide a holistic approach to your horse.

Remedial farriery is a vital part of enhancing the response of lameness to veterinary treatment. We are very lucky to have regular farriery clinics that run every five to six weeks at Fairmoor. Visiting specialist farrier in remedial shoeing, Mark Trussler FWCF and Richard Cain AWCF are available on referral from our vets to address any remedial shoeing issues.

At these clinics we aim to work with our local farriers who ideally attend any appointments so they can be involved in the discussion of treatment and ensure they can continue any ongoing farriery that is required. Your vet will discuss your horse’s case with the farriers and together the team will make an assessment and treatment plan. The availability of on site digital radiography at Fairmoor can also aid in diagnosis and treatment of cases at these clinics where appropriate.

If you are interested in your horse attending our farrier clinic please contact the practice on 01670 897597 and speak to the vet who is dealing with your horse to see if referral is appropriate. We regularly post the latest clinic dates on our Facebook page, or you can ask our reception team.

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