Some horses can be difficult to handle when attended by a vet or may have other specific behavioural issues which you wish to address. Following discussion with our vets and if it’s a problem we are unable to resolve we will refer you to Gemma Pearson MRCVS for further investigation. Gemma either sees cases at Edinburgh University Veterinary school or in some instances will visit at your yard.

Consultations are taken for:

  • Trailer Loading or scrabbling when travelling
  • Leading difficulties e.g. bargy, pulls, reluctant to lead
  • Won’t stand still for mounting
  • Aggressive behaviour including biting/kicking
  • Desensitisation to needles, clippers, farrier, sprays, plastic bags, hose pipes
  • Dangerous ridden behaviour e.g. rears, bucks, spins, spooky, naps or bolts
  • Other ridden problems e.g. lazy, too strong/pulls, falls in/out
  • Separation Anxiety
  • General nervousness or anxious in hand/ridden

Gemma will work with you and your horse using Learning Theory. This involves understanding how horses learn to train them more effectively and humanely. Training becomes easy for the horse resulting in lightness and an obedient, happy horse. The methods she uses have an objective, evidence-based understanding of the welfare of horses during training and competition. We have had very positive results and feedback from clients who have used the service that Gemma provides. Please speak to one of our vets if your horse has a behavioural issue you would like to address.


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