Assessment of bull and ram fertility is an important tool in managing a successful breeding programme. Infertile or subfertile individuals can prove costly – not only in reduction of numbers of offspring, but also in terms of keeping animals which are of no practical use.

Our farm vets have a wealth of experience in breeding soundness examination in both cattle and sheep.

We would recommend testing animals at acquisition and then all breeding males four to six weeks prior to the bulling/tupping period so as to provide time for changes to be made as required.

Evaluation begins with a full physical examination followed by semen evaluation. We use the most up to date equipment imported from the USA to carry out our assessments and our vets undertake regular refresher training to ensure we are providing the best possible service.

Following evaluation, individual written reports will be sent to you and copies kept attached to your file in the practice allowing us to provide the most complete service possible.

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