Fairmoor Equine Clinic in Morpeth is a BEVA approved AI centre. Our veterinary surgeons Stephen Bradley BVMS CertEP MRCVS, Helen Jeffrey MRCVS, Euan Hammersley BSc BVMS MRCVS and Alice Barker BVSc MRCVS are BEVA accredited A.I. vets.

Foaling Package

Our Foaling package is £150 inclusive of VAT and includes:

  • Post-foaling check on mare
  • Examination of placenta
  • IgG SNAP test
  • Foal identification drawing
  • Foal microchip

Not included:

  • Visit fee
  • Sedation of mare if necessary
  • Foals first vaccine
  • External lab IgG test – if the SNAP test is borderline
  • Any further treatments for mare and foal

Additional extras

  • The Livery fee for mares is £51, and mare & foal is £63.85
  • A Caslicks is £75 fixed price
  • Extra laboratory fees
  • Management of twins – £43.68, including an injection of an anti-inflammatory drug
  • Storage of frozen semen outside of the season
  • Autumn scans – recommended for check viability & foetal positioning
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