Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group provides comprehensive health care for dogs, cats and other small animals throughout Northumberland. The professional care and expertise of our dedicated veterinary surgeons, nurses and support staff are the keys to the success of the practice, but another factor is undoubtedly the investment in modern facilities and equipment.

We aim to provide the best possible care and treatment for all our patients, 24-hours a day, 365 days of the year. 

The merger in 2007 between the Aln Veterinary Group and Northumbria Veterinary Partnership has given more scope for vets to pursue their special interests, thereby increasing the expertise and knowledge base within the practice.

The practice is committed to a pro-active approach to animal health care, rather than just reacting when illness or injury strikes. A key element of this is routine preventative healthcare such as vaccination (to prevent potentially fatal infections) and neutering (to prevent tumours and gynaecological problems).

We are committed to ongoing investment in the training and development of our vets, nurses and support staff.

The vets in the practice are supported by veterinary nurses, and the practice has been approved by the Royal College as a Veterinary Nurse Training Practice. The nurses complement the work of the vets, and also offer free advice on a range of preventative health and nutritional issues. Pet insurance is becoming increasingly common, and provides financial peace of mind should your pet suffer illness or injury.

Finally, the vets, nurses and staff are only too aware that the hardest part of keeping a pet is at the end of its life, and having to make a decision about euthanasia.

We will always try and give professional and sensitive advice with primary consideration for the welfare of the animal.

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