All equines should be vaccinated against Tetanus. Tetanus is a fatal disease caused by a bacterium that is present in soil. Vaccinations for tetanus (without influenza) are given every two years after the primary vaccination course. We usually start vaccinating foals from around five months of age.

Equine influenza (flu)

Influenza is caused by a virus which is spread by the respiratory route. The majority of horses should be vaccinated against influenza. Although in most cases Influenza is not fatal it can make your horse very unwell and lead to them requiring a long period of recovery.  As in humans, the young and old tend to be the most severely affected and so it is particularly important to provide protection for these age groups. Foals are usually vaccinated from five-six months of age with boosters given either six-monthly or yearly. The vaccination protocol varies depending on the governing body of the competitions you are doing, please discuss this with your vet so you horse is compliant with the rules.

Equine herpes

This is caused by a virus which can cause respiratory disease, neurological disease and abortion. Vaccinations are given every six months after the initial course and can be given at the same time as influenza and tetanus vaccinations. In pregnant mares, vaccination is recommended at five, seven and nine months of gestation. All horses that are in contact with pregnant mares should also be vaccinated.

Horse Health Programme

The HHP includes a yearly booster vaccination against either influenza or influenza and tetanus. If your horse requires a second six-monthly booster you will receive 10% off this cost.

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