Here at Alnorthumbria Morpeth Equine we offer a full range of routine healthcare including vaccinations and worming.

We also offer the following:

Annual health checks

The annual equine health check includes a full clinical examination together with checking the eyes, heart, teeth and skin, trot up for lameness, a worm egg count and a blood test to screen for liver and kidney disease and red and white blood cell counts. This can be completed at any routine visit and can be customised for your horse, for example testing for Equine Metabolic Syndrome or Cushing’s disease – please ask for further details.

Strangles testing

There is a blood test available that detects horses recently exposed to strangles. This allows horses to be screened for exposure to the disease, e.g. before moving yards, to try to reduce spread of Strangles. If the horse shows exposure to strangles, it can be isolated until guttural pouch flushes are obtained and the horse is confirmed as not carrying the infection.


It is compulsory for all foals born in the UK to be microchipped before they are six months of age, or December 31st of the year they are born, whichever is the later. All horses must have a passport and any new passport applications must be accompanied by microchip details.

Free use of weighbridge, sponsored by Spillers

The electronic weighbridge at Fairmoor Equine Clinic is free for client use to monitor their horse’s bodyweight. Please phone to book an appointment. We also take the weighbridge to yards where we will weigh, body condition score and give nutritional advice by prior arrangement.

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