We can carry out many laboratory tests in-house at Fairmoor Equine Clinic to help with the rapid diagnosis of conditions and for routine health monitoring.

Blood haematology allows us to analyse the different blood cells present in the sample, which can help to identify conditions such as infection, anaemia and dehydration.

Blood biochemistry allows us to analyse organ function, muscle enzymes and proteins, and is vital for the diagnosis of many diseases as well as the long-term monitoring of conditions.

We have a blood lactate machine, which is especially useful in more critical colic cases, as well as in cases with suspected dehydration.

We regularly perform faecal analysis and worm egg counts. Please bring a fresh sample from several faecal balls in a pile of droppings, and call us in advance if you have multiple samples.

Urine and skin samples can also be analysed on-site, our nursing team and vets can perform comprehensive urinalysis, urine sediment staining and microscopy in addition to analysis of skin scrapes, acetate tape strips and hair plucks. These tests are relatively low cost, with quick turnaround time for results. They can be very useful in cases of suspected urinary tract and skin issues respectively.

For more complex diagnostic tests such as for Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Cushing’s disease, tapeworm, and for bacteriology and histopathology samples we can also send samples to external laboratories and often have results back in the next few days (depending on the sample and tests requested).

All our vets and registered nurses have a high level of knowledge in interpreting the tests we run in-house, as well as the results we receive from samples sent to external laboratories.

All laboratory results will be reported to the client by a vet as soon as they are available.

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