IRAP – interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein

This is a relatively new product developed in the human field for the treatment of joint disease.

IRAP therapy is recommended for horses suffering from mild to moderate osteoarthritis, capsulitis/synovitis, and following arthroscopic surgery. IRAP works by blocking interleukin-1, which is the major cytokine (chemical messenger) involved in the destruction of articular cartilage.

Levels of IRAP and other anti-inflammatory proteins in the blood can be increased by harvesting the horses own blood in specially prepared syringes containing coated glass beads, culturing and growing the protective factors.

Following 24-hours incubation the blood is centrifuged and the IRAP rich protein harvested. The serum is filtered and then frozen in single dose aliquots which are stored for injecting into the injured joint at a later date.

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