Professional care with modern facilities and expertise

Alnorthumbria Vets is a mixed practice that treats all species of domestic animals (and a few wild ones as well). Within the practice, the vets have developed special interests, so we have separate teams of vets dedicated to the care of farm animals, horses and small animals – dogs, cats and other small pets. We have seven centres across Northumberland, from Wooler in the north to Ponteland in the south. We pride ourselves on offering a genuine 24-hour service, and on professional and individual care backed up by a wealth of experience and expertise.

Small animal care

On the small animal side, Alnorthumbria provides comprehensive health care for dogs, cats and other small animals throughout Northumberland. The professional care and expertise of our dedicated veterinary surgeons, nurses and support staff are key to the success of the practice, but another factor is undoubtedly the investment in modern facilities and equipment.

We aim to provide the best possible care and treatment for all our patients, 24-hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Pro-active prevention

The practice is committed to a pro-active approach to animal health care, rather than just reacting when illness or injury strikes. Key elements of our routine preventative healthcare are vaccination, to prevent potentially fatal infections, regular treatment for internal and external parasites, neutering, to prevent gynaecological problems and reduce the incidence of certain tumours and dental care.

Training and development

We are committed to ongoing investment in the training and development of our vets, nurses and support staff. The vets in the practice are supported by veterinary nurses, and the practice has been approved by the Royal College as a Veterinary Nurse Training Practice. The nurses complement the work of the vets, and also offer free advice on a range of preventative health and nutritional issues.


We have two vets trained in acupuncture which can be used in small animals, equines and farm animals.

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