Fairmoor Equine Clinic in Morpeth is a BEVA approved AI centre. Our veterinary surgeons Stephen Bradley BVMS CertEP MRCVS, Helen Jeffrey MRCVS, Euan Hammersley BSc BVMS MRCVS and Alice Barker BVSc MRCVS are BEVA accredited A.I. vets.

Chilled AI package

The likely pregnancy rates for chilled semen are 50% to 80% mares conceive in their first cycle, a further 10% to 15% are likely to conceive in subsequent cycles. The most fertile age range is up to 14 years old.

Our Chilled AI package (can be obtained from stallions within Europe) is £450 inclusive of VAT and includes:

  • Scanning of the reproductive tract
  • Hormonal Injections – induction of oestrus and ovulation
  • Artificial insemination
  • 1 x uterine flush post-insemination
  • Semen check
  • Pregnancy scan (14-16 days)
  • Heart beat scan (28-30 days)

Subsequent cycles cost £410.

Additional extras

  • Livery overnight fee mare: £40.97, mare and foal: £60.82
  • Treatment to foals.
  • Visit charges.
  • Delivery cost of semen.
  • Storage of frozen semen beyond the end of the breeding season.
  • Hormone implants (except frozen).
  • Extra lab fees.
  • Sedation if required.
  • Tetanus prevention—this is essential.

All mares should be checked for the presence of a viable pregnancy in the autumn and Herpes vaccinations are recommended at five, seven and nine months of pregnancy.

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